Is a relationship workshop a good fit for me?
Whether highly distressed or highly satisfied, PREP has been shown to be helpful to a wide variety of couples. If you are in a seriously committed relationship, this workshop will be a good fit for you.

Will I be asked to share private details of our relationship with the group?
No. Though there is some group discussion, we discourage the sharing of overly sensitive information in the group setting.

Where and when are the workshops?
Our workshops are hosted at a variety of locations around town. Check out our calendar for upcoming times and locations.

What is the cost and what does it include?
The cost for HCK workshops is set at $100 per couple. This includes 12+ hours of workshop time with trained instructors. We know this is a significant investment of time and money for your relationship and we are well aware that this cost is prohibitive for many couples, so we wanted to give some perspective on the cost:

  • 1 hr of marriage counseling often costs more than $100.
  • Spread out over 12 hours, the cost of the workshop is roughly $8 per 1 hr session or roughly the cost of 1-2 people eating at McDonald’s.
  • We believe that there is evidence that every dollar invested in your marriage is multiplied out towards your kids, your career, and even your physical health.
  • Some churches have a limited availability to subsidize the cost of the workshop for you if you are experiencing a financial hardship. Please contact the appropriate person on the contact for that event to see if they have any assistance available.