How to Build Shared Meaning With Your Partner

According to Dr. John Gottman, successful relationships have a sense of shared meaning. This refers to having a meaningful relationship with your partner that has a spiritual dimension and is full of rituals for connection. Here are 4 ways to build more shared meaning in to your relationship:

  1. Share a common dream or vision for life – this can help you to avoid focusing on the day-to-day frustrations in life and stay focused on something bigger that you share.
  2. Talk about your shared vision. Taking time to discuss your shared dreams can make you feel closer to one another.
  3. Create daily or weekly rituals for connection. Make time to do activities together that you both enjoy. Prioritize quality time together – this can be as simple as checking in with each other in the morning about your days before you go your separate ways.
  4. Implement your shared goals. Seeing these in action can help to provide a greater sense of purpose and strengthen your relationship.

Source: The Gottman Institute.