Dating Ideas for You and Your Partner While You Are Sheltered In

These are hard times for all of us! Many of us are sheltered in and feeling the strain. It is likely that you are spending a lot of time with your partner right now, but just because two people are in the same house, or even the same room, does not necessarily mean they are feeling connected.

So how can you stay connected to one another during this difficult time? Here are some in home “date” ideas to keep your relationship thriving during this time of being sheltered in:

  1. After the kids are asleep, have a candle light dinner together, if the weather is nice, have it on the front or back porch for added romance (and for even more added romance, take time to dress up)
  2. Start a new show together
  3. Soak in a hot bath together (candles are good here too!)
  4. Take time to check out of electronics, turn the phones, TVs and computers off
  5. Do a home workout together or do yoga for couples
  6. Go for a walk or a run
  7. Play a card game, board game or maybe some heads up using the app on your phone
  8. Share what you are grateful for
  9. Have an afternoon picnic in the yard
  10. Paint together using art instructional videos online (a sort of painting with a twist, with an extra twist!)
  11. Do your own book club, pick a book to read and then share your thoughts and reactions with one another
  12. This can be a time to explore sexuality, there are online resources for tantric sex or Kama sutra. Explore with one another
  13. Finish an at home project together that you just haven’t had time to complete
  14. Turn some music on and dance together, slow or fast, whatever you’re in the mood for, you can even make some videos for the rest of us on Facebook!
  15. Write random love notes to each other
  16. Cook a nice meal or try a new recipe together
  17. Hold each other and share what you are feeling in all of this, let your partner know you are there, they are not alone, and find ways to comfort and reassure each other as you go through this

This can be a time of deep intimate connection with your partner, keep turning toward one another and finding ways to stay engaged and connected. We all need more of that right now.