5 relationship tips for the covid-19 pandemic

5 Relationship Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live. People have passed on, been very ill, lost jobs, and dipped into their savings. One of the unforeseen effects of the pandemic has been relationship stress. With many families now urged or ordered to stay home, we’re seeing a lot more of each other, stuck in a house together. This is bound to lead to tension, stress, and communication issues. Even the best couples and families are under more pressure today than they were 90 days ago. So, our team compiled 5 relationship tips during the COVID-19 pandemic!

  1. Communication – perhaps now more than ever it is essential for you and your partner to communicate with each other. Even though you are likely feeling overwhelmed with everything going on, make sure that you are maintaining good communication with your partner and checking in with each other frequently.
  2. Name your feelings and accept them – this one is a tricky tip, but it has a huge impact when you can do it. Many of us try to push away difficult feelings like anxiety and sadness. Unfortunately, when you do this, they tend to go “underground” and can make themselves known in other ways like upset stomachs and tightness in our chests – and irritability with our family members.  Practice noticing your feelings, naming them, and accepting them. It sounds odd, but what we know is that when we turn toward our feelings and not away from them, they have less power and tend to fade in the moment. That doesn’t mean they won’t come back, but you can get through them faster.
  3. Time together – you and your partner can still find time to do things together during the pandemic. If you were already doing frequent date nights, find creative ways to continue these, or if this is not something you’ve done much of in the past, now is a great time to start! See our blog post for dating ideas.
  4. But also take breaks – two times to take breaks: during tense conflicts and when you need to be alone.  Take a pause when you find yourself getting heated during discussions with your family members and use that time to calm yourself down and plan for how you will come back and talk constructively.  Also notice when you need some time by yourself and ask for that.  Maybe you need to go into a bedroom, close the door, and have some space.  Even the most extroverted of us need that sometimes and it can restore you.  Practice asking for that when you need it.
  5. Finally, above all, be kind – during stressful times our ability to give ourselves and our partners a bit of grace often becomes more difficult, however, during this time remember to be kind to yourself and to your partner, this will go a long way to helping you both stay sane and connected during all of this.

We hope these 5 relationship tips during the COVID-19 pandemic help you and your significant other! Keep in mind, these tips can still apply after this stay-at-home season ends. All the best from all of us!