The Importance of Self-Care Routine For Your Mental Health.

What is your self-care routine? Do you exercise, read, listen to music, meditate, or do something else? We all have ideas about what self-care looks like, but often it’s difficult to put those ideas into practice. The increased stress of the pandemic may be making it even harder to carve out time for yourself. However, taking the necessary time to care for yourself will make you a better partner and will help you to appreciate your relationship more. 

Here are a few things to remember:

  • No one can provide their partner with everything. 
  • Both partners can provide support for the other to prioritize their own self-care. For example, watch the kids so that your partner can have uninterrupted time for his/her yoga class.
  • Look for ways to encourage each other. For example, when your partner tells you how much they have missed going to their art class during COVID, encourage them to look for online art classes to join.
  • Share about your experiences during your self-care time with one another, this is one way for you to reconnect after spending some time apart.

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