10 Things to Consider When Having Conversations About Racial Differences

With growing awareness about the racial disparities in our society, many people are wanting to have genuine conversations with their friends about racial differences. Here are 10 things to consider:

  1. Regardless of whether this is your first conversation or your 1,000th conversation, there is a lot you might not know about the person you are talking to. 
  2. People will become more vulnerable with their experiences as you build your relationship with them. 
  3. Practice accepting and respecting the person for who they are.
  4. You may hear some things that make you uncomfortable. Seek to understand them.
  5. Asking genuine questions shows your interest and value in the person and their story.
  6. Having a genuine relationship means acknowledging your friend’s realities.
  7. Be willing to acknowledge how others may perceive media messages differently from you.
  8. People of any given race may have many shared experiences. However, they are still individuals with their own stories, beliefs, and personality. 
  9. Be open to educating yourself about various cultures and having diverse interactions.
  10. Friendships work when both people feel valued, seen, and heard.

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