Overview of Programs

Date Nights

Host fun and insightful date nights for couples, such as movie date nights where couples get to discuss meaningful questions that relate to the movie and their relationship.

Marriage Pilgrimage

An 8-week small-group journey through times of marriage- focused biblical reflection, group discussion, and guided couples’ exercises.

Relationship Check-up

A brief, two-session intervention designed to be a regular, annual checkup for couples’ relationship health. This program allows facilitators to uniquely tailor the experience to a couples’ needs.

Make Love Last

Designed to teach couples scientifically proven tools and strategies to develop and maintain a healthier relationship.This program can be offered in multiple formats, such as weekend retreats or weekly workshops, to large and small groups of couples.

Make Love Last Online

The online, self-led version of Make Love Last. Couples take this program at their own pace and are paired with a local coach who helps them learn and use the tools and strategies taught in this program via virtual meetings.

Within My Reach

A program designed to empower single individuals to achieve their goals in current and future relationships.

About PREP Curriculum

Healthy Connections Knoxville utilizes the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), which has over three decades of research backing its effectiveness in improving couples relationships. PREP is designed to teach couples skills to have a healthier more satisfying relationship.

Whether you are struggling to communicate or enjoying a warm, loving relationship, PREP can teach you tools to improve and sustain a healthy relationship. PREP has lessons on understanding each other’s personalities, learning how to listen well, managing anger and conflict in relationships, and understanding your own sensitive spots that might be hindering intimacy.

Through experiential activities, videos, and teaching you will learn the keys to having a satisfying relationship. This is not group therapy, most of the activities will be done between you and your partner, and you will not be forced to share with the larger group.

About our Instructors

Our workshops are lead by clergy, volunteers, and practitioners. They receive training in best practices in relationship education programming, facilitation, and mentoring, as well as ongoing support from trained supervisors. Programming is based on research that has determined what makes relationships succeed or fail, including the benefits of marriage, normal, expected stages and challenges all couples face, skills and behaviors that help build strong bonds, and avoiding the dangers of falling out of love and hope.